Teacher Retreat Support
Often unseen on formal residential retreats is the importance and power that yogis benefit from the group’s momentum. On retreat there is a tremendous amount of willingness and strength to try harder gleaned from the wholesome effort of those around us. Also, on a formal meditation retreat we benefit from dharma live talks and regular practice interviews with teachers. The combination of the group and skilled instruction coupled with the rarified schedule of a residential retreat supports a yogi in making determination and willingness to test self-limiting constraints more accessible.
Home Practice/Home Retreat recognizes the beneficial  powers that come from of a residential retreat and  creates alteratives methods in order  to add similar tools  to the Home Retreat.
A Home Retreat supports one’s commitment and follow through to practice on Home Retreat. How? As explained in the guide:
  1. Scheduling a parallel retreat with a friend. Practicing both alone and alongside someone else.
  2. Reporting your intentions, goals, and schedule to a kalyanamitta.
  3. Check in with mentor before, during, and after the retreat.
Creating a conduit of accountability with people we respect and trust will link us in subtle ways towards wholesome effort. Among the important elements that help to create a successful Home Practice/Home Retreat this one is one of the most important.
Allan is available to mentor you on your retreat. Click here to contact Allan to begin the application process.