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Dhamma Talks

Study is an art. To paint a portrait an artist must have both the intention and the training. So too it is with study. We can meditate, but without study and the practice of virtue, any wisdom that arises will be rootless. To best understand the Buddha’s teachings one is assisted by practice and study done with patience and engagement. 
Meditation practice has a number of distinct techniques as does study. Below is a list of Dhamma Talks which when listened to and then combined with reading, discussion, reflection, and meditation practice will help to weave a more reliable inter-relationship between all areas of the mind.

Sampajañña (Clear Comprehension):
The Meditative Tool for Everyday Life.
Serenity Insight Meditation Center talk was given on 12/13/20.


Householder’s Vinaya: Vinaya/sati/sampajañña
(Discipline/Mindfulness/Clear Comprehension).
The Foundation of a Householder’s Vinaya.
Insight Meditation South Bay talk was given on 12/8/20.

Making Everything Practice;
Creating a Householder’s Vinaya While Grocery Shopping

Serenity Insight Meditation Center talk was given on 4/25/21
 Home Retreat: The Eightfold Path in all Activities

Dhamma talk given to Serenity Insight Meditation Center 08/29/21.
Last in three part series examining the three practices detailed in the Householder’s Vinaya. This talk focuses on sangha retreats.