How a Home Retreat Differs from a Formal Retreat

Despite core similarities, a Home Retreat does not look like a formal residential retreat at a retreat center or monastery and should not be considered in that light. It’s true, a Home Retreat can be structured to closely resemble a residential retreat, but the intention for a Home Retreat is to learn how to integrate the realities of a lay life with the wisdom gleaned from formal practices. One uses everyday responsibilities, choices and distractions as the field for our practice. Everyday life is essential to the Home Retreat. Frequent use of Home Retreats trains the yogi and gives an unconscious permission to integrate and advance the techniques and wisdom gleaned into our Home Practice thus creating a continuous platform to deepen our practice.
    When doing a Home Retreat one continues normal activities of daily living, but instead of fitting meditation practice in when it’s convenient, the practice becomes the primary focus.