Pay Attention to Social Contact

Minimize unnecessary social contact when doing your chores and errands, and instead focus on getting tasks done. As an example, if I need to go to the grocery store and the hardware store, I try to do both in one trip and make sure I pay attention to any social contact I have by trying to cultivate a silent loving attitude towards the person in front of me. Another example is if I intend to clean the house by mopping the floor, I also dust and vacuum. I try to finish tasks. Less unfinished business allows for fewer opportunities of choice, planning, distraction and laziness to arise. Another example on how to support one’s momentum is when I go to the gym, which in my case is frequent, I make sure that my interactions with friends at the gym have a point, have kindness at their root, and that they serve a purpose. I try to limit chatter. These tips will help you to focus your attention towards the many ways your unique experience can or will not be supported by your choice of actions while on Home Retreat.
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