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Suggestion Box
If anything has been overlooked, not addressed adequately or appears confusing, and should there be any missed edits, it is here that you can assist our fellow wayfarers and improve the teachings offered. From your suggestions and comments Allan will constantly update the Guide and website.
We all are in ‘debt’ one way or another to many beings for many things. We can begin our acknowledgment of gratitude with our parents and their parents all the way back to whenever our imaginations stop. There are also the millions of societal threads that have come together to make up our lives. To all of you still alive I am deeply grateful. To all those who have died, I remember and am humbled. 
Grateful beyond words. 
This project has been and is continuously supported by many people. I will begin by expressing my deepest gratitude and respect to the many teachers who have been patient and helpful with this recalcitrant yogi. Specifically, I thank all those of you who have helped with the editing, financial help, and the kindly patience with my goings on along the way. The project would not have gotten this far without your assistance.
Our sincerest wish is that what we’ve brought forward is of service to your Path towards deeper Wisdom and Compassion.
Joseph Goldstein and Dipa Ma
Joseph Goldstein and Dipa Ma