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Saṇgha Hub

Yes, the internet offers us many scholarly opportunities to read, listen and watch inspiring Dharma. And, yes, since Covid, it offers many online retreats. What it has yet to offer us is a Hub that helps to coordinate direct support for everyday practice and home retreat; a place to develop real community, that when engaged in, creates a real saṇgha of support with shared values and shared vision. Saṇgha Hub offers all of it.

The programs at Saṇgha Hub rely on the templates for lay meditation practice and home retreat practice detailed in A Householder’s Vinaya With Home and Saṇgha Retreat Guides. is offering you a place where one can come to find home retreat partners to parallel and support one’s own retreat and everyday practice. Saṇgha Hub will also offer ways for you to engage in practice related dialogue with peers, schedule retreat interviews with a skilled and practiced kalyāṇamitta (spiritual friend), build a realtime community of like minded meditatively oriented lay practitioners, and get access to vetted study material that will support you in your everyday and home retreat meditation practices.

Saṇgha Hub is rooted in the Vipassanā mediative traditions but because home practice and home retreat are both universal to all meditative traditions, this structure, and its opportunities for support can be utilized by all mediative traditions.

Applicants are required to fill out and submit the application form, which Allan or his assistant will review, and will attempt to find an appropriate yogi for you to partner with. After review Saṇgha Hub will contact you and ask you to schedule a video or phone interview to determine your intentions and secure you the best partner. 

All information shared is private and will be used only for Saṇgha Hub purpose and activities.


Saddhā/Faith or Confidence
Viriya/Energy or Effort

Below is your application. Please answer the questions with as much practice integrity and brevity as possible. You can include any extra information not required by the form at the end of the application.
Once we have a match we will email you both your mentor’s calendar in order to find a day/time when all can meet and discuss in more detail what a Home Retreat is and isn’t. If/once agreed to we then ID a date for your retreat and dates/times for your interview with your retreat guide which will include an interview before and after.
If you have questions please email me at
Doing Home Retreat regularly is a significant step in allowing your insights to mature and integrate from cushion to grocery store, from slow walking to hurrying to get to a meeting. It takes continuity of sati/sampajañña in order to free the mind from the prison like grip of habit and pattern.
This program is dāna based. What you choose to offer yourself with your saṃvega (spiritual urgency), your partner with your sīla (virtue), and the site with donations are integral to the development of the Noble Eightfold Path.
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