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  1. Choose subject and stay on point.
  2. Re-read retreat template daily.
  3. Read and study the footnotes and links.


  1. Limit screen time aside from study and necessary communications. Make a time limit and at scheduled times.
  2. Carefully attend each time the phone is touched for whatever reason. Attend to when intention is felt and the action throughout the process.
  3. Limit email to just what is necessary in order to keep up with business and social responsibilities. No new threads.
  4. No recreational reading.
  5. No recreational TV/streaming/YouTube.
  6. No news.

As often as possible attend to what pleasures/pleasantnesses arise in taste when eating/drinking/brushing teeth, or the body at the gym, etc. visual objects while hiking, etc., sounds hiking/garden, etc., smells while cooking/gardening, etc., and whatever pleasant/unpleasant thoughts arise with special attention to the habit of tone and pattern, etc. Cultivate a perspective of the consequences of pleasure; kamma, and dependent origination.